Welcome to 'The Saddlery & Gunroom' which is situated at the top of Westerham Hill in Kent on the A233.
Please look at the 'Contact Us' page for a map showing directions and opening times.
The shop provides saddlery and gunsmith services as well as being stockists of all major guns, air rifles, shotguns
saddles, riding bits and other equestrian goods.
The proprietor is a respected and trusted Master saddler with 35 years experience.
Please look around and ring us (7 days) for extra information.
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Opening Times

Monday 9.00 17.00
Tuesday 9.00 17.00
Wednesday 9.00 17.00
Thursday 9.00 17.00
Friday 9.00 17.00
Saturday 9.00 17.00
Sunday & Bank holidays 10.00 4.00

The Gun Trade Association The Society of Master Saddlers